Unique Perfections

Certified Movement and Wellness Specialist

My goal is to help clients do more of what they love through yoga therapy and Holistic Health coaching by lifting their sights and illuminating what is possible for their unique bodies.  My success is in supporting those who are wanting and ready for change to step outside of the box of what they believe is possible -- gifting them deeper awareness of how much more IS possible.  I want to support the goals of others, shining a light on their path to shining their brightest.   

I specialize in digestive health, those with food sensitivities and supporting those in pain by guiding them to better movement and supporting better function.  This greater awareness grants us freedom from pain and enables us to do more of what we love.  

My mission is to spread awareness of the transformative power of slowing down, tuning in and being present  - empowering them to take the necessary action steps to enjoy each day with more energy, clarity and joy!

 More awareness.  More Choices.  More Empowerment. 

 What do we offer?  


  • Theraputic Mindful Movment Group and Private Sessions in Hood River and Gresham OR and also via Skype 
  • Individualized and Group Holistic Health Coaching Sessions, Programs, Workshops and Webinars
  •  Hood Adventure Retreats for those looking for connecting with new friends, nature, Mindful Movements and enjoying Whole Foods catered to those with Sensitivities.







Awareness allows in more choices, more choices allows more FREEDOM!

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